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Digital signage

Fully customisable content to suit the needs of your event. Whether an interactive AI info point or a static event agenda/floorplan. Anything you’ve seen on a website can be integrated into our digital signage.

Use cases

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As a web based solution, our digital signage can be displayed on any device that has a web browser. As such, it can be displayed on existing venue screens, in any orientation or resolution. Use QR codes to link to the same content on attendees' mobile devices - effectively eliminating the requirement for any printing whatsoever.


Where required, content can be built to allow attendees to navigate between screens/pages. Touchscreen signage can be used to search floorplans, find exhibitors or even to let attendees check their registration information or find the way to their next session.


AI integrated, touchscreen signage can be used as a limitless info point. Directions, feedback, games or an AI help widget on an agenda page so attendees can ask for a translation or the meaning of an acronym.


In portrait or landscape orientation, our solution can be displayed on screens of any resolution and bound only be the limits of web development. Offline digital signage can also be provided for venues with limited / unreliable internet.


Our unified web solutions mean that your event website shares the same database as your digital signage and event app. This means an attendee could use touchscreen signage to check directions to their next session then scan a QR code to take those directions away on their mobile device.

Web based

Our digital signage can be displayed on any screen of any resolution - all that's needed is a web browser. This also means attendees can scan QR codes / tap NFC tags to view digital signage content on their mobile device, without having to download any additional app.


Exhibition Revenue Sustainability

We developed ExhibitorLink as a touchscreen digital signage solution for remote exhibiting. It allows exhibitors to display PDFs, articles, and videos without being physically present at an event, whilst also enabling direct interaction with attendees through video calls, instant chat…

Confex AI info point

AI Digital Signage Event planner

At the UK’s most significant event about the events industry, we demoed an AI integrated, touchscreen info point. With hundreds of sessions available and as many exhibitors to visit, our info point could interpret any text input and generate a…

AI story generator

AI Creativity Gamification

As an exploration into AI integrations we developed, initially as a story generation tool. During development and perhaps indicative of AI as a concept, it became apparent that it could do far more – from life plans and business…

Bespoke ticketing portal

Integrations Registration Ticketing

A client required a complex ticketing platform, for which off-the-shelf solutions were not meeting their needs. Amongst the complications were their requirement for conditional ticket bundles, single use discount codes, multi use coupon codes and date/time specific pricing levels. In…

Offline poster display

NFC Offline Posters

A client required a touchscreen solution to exhibit images, allowing users to filter the results where required. The main issue was connectivity, as the screens would not have access to a reliable internet connection. Subsequently, the solution had to be…

Touchscreen document archive

Content management PDF display QR codes

We developed a touchscreen digital signage solution as a sustainable alternative to printing posters for an exhibition. Exhibitors would have historically submitted posters to the client by email, who would then have to manually proof each submission for errors or…