Graduate Induction Event

A global corporation needed a custom platform on which to connect and induct its graduates from 3 defined regions. Networking and interaction was paramount and the platform needed to be able to fragment content such as discussion and stream pages such that attendees from each region, only saw those to which they were assigned.

All the while, they should all be able to interact with one another through profile pages, discussions, photo walls and instant chat regardless of their region. To accommodate a global audience, the agenda needed to be dynamic such that it detected a user’s timezone and showed them session times accordingly allowing for manual adjustment to account for any travel between timezones.

Live stream

The event plenary was delivered via live stream, embedded into regional stream pages. Upon logging in attendees would only see the stream, discussions and resources specific to their region.


Within the live stream page, attendees could instant chat, react via animated emojis and upload photos to engage with other attendees.

Breakout rooms

Throughout the course of the 3 day event, attendees were ushered into the breakout rooms to which they'd been assigned, according to their region and department within the company. Within breakouts, cameras and microphones could be turned on.


On first login, attendees were guided through a profile creation process aimed at connecting people with similar interests. Their browser timezone was detected and the event agenda was displayed accordingly, all the while being editable to account for travel between timezones.


Whilst we created profile pages with attendee information, the decision was taken to offer email and LinkedIn connectivity as opposed to on-site messaging and "connecting". Where everybody uses email and LinkedIn is regarded as the default professional network, this streamlined the intention to connect people at the event.


The attendee wall could be searched by name/keyword or filtered by interest, region or line of business. Attendees could connect with each other via Email or LinkedIn directly from search results, or they could read more about individual attendees by viewing their on-site profile.

Activity wall

Admin generated calls to action, messages and chat rooms created a real-time feel to the event home page. Upon each login, attendees would be presented with new content and activities to boost networking and interactions.


Chat rooms were used for guided discussion topics, direct chat with the company CEO and for regional specific discussion. The client could create new chat rooms instantaneously via their own admin panel.

Photo wall

Offered as a standalone page on the platform and also embedded onto the live stream page, an auto-updating and instantaneous photo wall added a face-to-face element to an otherwise virtual event.


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