Touchscreen video, PDF and resource display

A returning client was looking for a digital signage, info point solution to be wall mounted in two locations on their custom built exhibition stand. The info point needed to be simple to navigate, clear and concise without displaying an overwhelming amount of text before the user had requested it.

In addition to PDFs, the screen also needed to accommodate on demand videos and links to external articles which users could read on their own devices. We took this a step further by making all content available to read on the user’s device and added functionality to allow the user to email an article to themselves or anybody else from the screen itself.

All file types

Our signage display was built to accept any file types - in this case the client wanted to upload PDFs, videos and add links to external articles.

Embedded video player

We customised an HTML5 video player to inherit the client's branding and colours. Any videos uploaded would play within this custom player.

Full screen mode

As well as playing videos inline, users could click an icon to view in full-screen mode. After a period of inactivity (no touch interactions) the screen would reset itself to the homepage ready for the next user.

Customised PDF viewer

We harnessed the native Chrome PDF viewer for maximum functionality though customised it to allow for a default full screen view, removing its header and sidebar buttons.

Info side bar

Clicking the menu button would show further information about the article on the screen, translation options and links to further reading.

Email resources

When viewing an article, a user could click the email icon to subsequently send it to themselves, or anybody else, instantaneously.

QR codes

In addition to sharing articles via email, content and author pages were also available to view on a user's device by scanning any corresponding QR code.

View or download

Once on the user's own device, they had the option to simply read or download the article for offline viewing.

Native PDF viewer

If downloaded, the article would open within the device's native PDF viewer with all the functionality familiar to the user.


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